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    LifeThreading is a life coaching approach that empowers you to bring balance to your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual systems so that you can live your life passionately, to your fullest potential. It's about bringing the individual threads of your life together, to strengthen the whole.

    • Paul Rand
    • Kristen Forno, Certified Integrative Wellness & Life Coach

      Much like GPS, it's easier to chart a course for your life and navigate it. First you must envision the life you wish to lead, or the changes you wish to make within it. Action with vision will transform your life before your very eyes.

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Meet Your Coach

Hi. I’m Kristen.

Check out LinkedIn, and you’ll find that I spent my my 20’s and 30’s and even early 40’s building out a career in marketing. I have had the opportunity to work with some really amazing brands during very exciting times in their lifecycle. The Internet drew me in and I was right there… but I also knew that I was missing out on my bigger life vision. Every. Single. Day.


A few years ago, I noticed everything that I was passionate about – psychology, universal connection, self-actualization, coaching, mentoring – were things that I was doing in my ‘down’ time. And after having kids, that down time had turned into ‘no’ time. My passion for work was dulled, and truthfully, what I liked best about it was guiding colleagues to realize their full potential in their roles, careers and personal lives - not marketing.


I decided to make an intentional change: my ‘down’ time passion would be my work. Everyday, as a certified integrative wellness & life coach, I empower people to bring wholeness and alignment to their lives, resulting in more balance, productivity and passion for them. Now, using my inspired journey, intuitive skill, and decades of management and leadership experience, I’m here for you.

Wellness, Balance and You

At LifeThreading, we combine life coaching with Integrative Wellness. A life coach provides you with tools to get from point A to point B in your life. Integrative Wellness enables you to self-heal, overcome and grow your whole being towards wholeness, harmony and balance. Combined, you are equipped with GPS for your life, empowering you to achieve your dreams, to reach your destination, increasing wholeness, health and balance along the way. This is the power of LifeThreading.

  • The Mental System

    Bring harmony to your thought life and thought patterns. When in balance, you can manifest effective goals and actions, peaceful thoughts of self and others, congruent choices, and clarity within your life.

  • The Emotional System

    Free yourself from negative emotions of the past. Love and receive love. Process and release emotions in a healthy way. Have a rapport with the unconscious mind. When in balance, you can manifest fulfilling relationships, emotional balance and harmony, congruency between the conscious and unconscious mind, and optimum immune system function.

  • The Physical System

    Be physically healthy and have the things in life you want to have by tangibly creating them. When in balance, you can manifest a strong, healthy and balanced body, stability and safety, have the things you desire, and outer success.

  • The Spiritual System

    Live congruently with your higher and true self, in alignment with your purpose. When in balance, you can manifest inner peace, acting from a place of congruity with true self and purpose, connectedness, wholeness, the ability to give and receive unconditional love, community, and strength and wholeness in all other systems.

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LOVING THE TRANSFORM PROGRAM! I'm thankful for Life Threading and the Transform program. I'm meditating daily, getting valuable feedback on my daily habits, and digging into some issues I'd been ignoring.

Lindsay W.
  • LifeThreading provided me with life coaching services that brought balance and focus to my personal and professional goals and helped me build a plan to accomplish. The one on one meetings worked well with my schedule.


    Darrell P.

  • Working with Kristen and LifeThreading has empowered me by teaching me to live in the moment, focus less on the past and be better prepared for the future. By applying my learnings on a daily basis I'm able to clear my head and enjoy my life with much less stress and much more enjoyment.


    Dan F.

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